About WSW


Wall Street Whistleblower is an independent website first conceived in late 2021 by a small group of like-minded journalists, financial activists, and whistleblower lawyers who recognized the need for a confidentiality and privacy focused platform where whistleblowers could come forward and share news safely.

We believe that so many of the problems we face in the United States, from our poisonous politics to violence and racism stems directly from the staggering levels of economic inequality, which have only gotten worse in the past 20 years as corporate greed has grown explosively. The role of the whistleblower, even more than that of the media, has become one of the final pillars of accountability against the wanton fraud and corruption eating away at our society, but they are also extremely exposed and disregarded, not just by the judicial system but also by the media sources who benefit from the testimony that they share.

Our goal is to deliver original reporting on corruption, bribery, and misconduct taking place at the leading investment banks on the Street and the corporations they support, as well as aggregating whistleblower-related news from around the media landscape.

We are a small team of volunteers, with sporadic availability for publishing, however we aim to capitalize on our numerous relationships of trust within Wall Street’s largest financial institutions to bring forward more and more whistleblowers and stop the leadership of the industry from thinking that they enjoy total impunity.

Will you join us in this mission? Get in touch and share your story today.