Francis Haugen Slams Nick Clegg for Misleading Meta

Tireless whistleblower Frances Haugen says the wrong man is guiding Mark Zuckerberg in what is being termed a breakthrough revelation.

The ex-company executive, who is known for leaking countless internal papers of Facebook while testifying before the US Senate last year, mentioned to The Times how Zuckerberg and his leading team of seniors were adamant to achieve growth at definite costs.

In the same way, he spoke about how difficult it was for them to accept accusations about Facebook breeding hatred as well as enmity.

Many were beyond shocked to learn how she branded Zuckerberg as a ‘boy prince’ who many identified solely by his defining creation- Facebook.

“What would you do if you found out that the contributions in your life were actually the cause of genocides?”- she boldly asked.

Great emphasis was placed upon Zuckerberg’s newly promoted right hand Nick Clegg who is in charge of Facebook’s Meta Global Affairs. While he may not have been too popular in his last role as the United Kingdom’s Deputy Minister, he now seems to be getting great importance while being able to persuade Zuckerberg in ignoring all criticism.

“Sometimes, it’s so hard for people to believe the reality of situations that conflicts with the amount they’re getting paid”- Haugen stated.

In the past, Haugen was given a defiant response by Clegg when she questioned the great harm that Facebook was affiliated with, adding how he understood the situation and the concerns many had about the impact on young people.

In regards to Facebook’s stance on politics, Clegg revealed to ‘Meet The Press’ at that time how the platform understood people’s complaints regarding the interference of politics in everything. He said it makes sense that more and more people want to view their friends as compared to seeing politics on their feed.

In case you’re wondering how Clegg says the platform is conducting trials on ways to limit the presence of politics for a better Facebook presence.

Last week, Haugen put forward a series of reservations in regards to the trending Online Safety Bill that incorporates a list of the newest efforts being used to control social media while simultaneously spreading hate.

While they may have elaborated their ways, Haugen expressed her frustrations over the great action required to cross-check social media while redesigning algorithms. In this way, there would be less chance of extreme material being shared online.

Facebook tried to defend itself by showing its $5 billion safety efforts used to fight the spread of false information. It even cited a number of recent steps that actually limit state media in Russia from using the platform.